Digital Stories for Change Event by Bethany Goodwin

Video: https://youtu.be/0CG3mjc1NC8

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Advisors: Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. Heier

ND FCCLA Website

Star Events

Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a youth organization for students in grades 8-12 who are or have been enrolled in any FACS course.

FCCLA meetings are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays during lunch in Mrs. Brandt’s classroom. It is never too late to sign up and get involved. The sooner you join and affiliate, the more you get to participate in!

Affiliation is $15 for FCCLA and $20 to the office if you have not maxed out on your extracurricular fees. The $15 helps pay for the various meetings/events we attend throughout the year.


District Leadership Meeting (DLM) November 2nd

  • Dickinson, ND
  • Gone all day (all affiliated members)

At DLM, we vote for the next year’s District President, eat lunch, and spend the afternoon at the recreation center playing dodgeball, walleyball, swimming and using their equipment.


Star Events-March 3rd, 2017

  • Belfield, ND
  • Gone all day (members competing or assisting events)

At STAR Events, those competing present their projects to judges and find out if they made it to State Leadership by the end of the day. Members are also able to volunteer by being student judges, room consultants, etc.


State Leadership-April 23-25th, 2017

  • Bismarck, ND
  • Leave Sunday, return Tuesday (members competing or assisting events)

At State Leadership, those competing present their projects to judges and find out if they made it to Nationals by the end of Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday are spent in various workshops and there is a dance Monday night for FCCLA members across the state. Because State Leadership is a highlight for members, there is a limited quota for students. All members competing get first dibs and those that volunteer to assist with events during the conference fill the extra we are allotted.


FCCLA National Leadership 2017 -July2nd-7th in Nashville, Tennessee

  • Dates (not including travel)
  • Members competing or assisting events

Students that compete at State Leadership and secure a spot at National Leadership Convention have the chance to spend a week in NAshville where they compete and spend time exploring the city! It can be expensive  (approx $1500/student) therefore, fundraising is a priority for those who plan to attend NLC.


Fundraising Opportunities

  • Concessions
  • Banquet assistance
  • School Dances


Community Service Possibilities

  • Trick or Treating for canned goods
  • Thanksgiving Pies
  • STAR Event Projects
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Central Dakota Humane Society
  • American Heart Association