Region VII Solo and Ensemble Festival Results!

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Region VII Solo and Ensemble Festival Results!

The Hazen music program brought back a lot of hardware from the Region VII Solo and Ensemble Festival Saturday in Washburn.  Congratulations to all of the Hazen High School musicians and teachers for the many successes. Each event performed for a judge and received written and oral critiques. Judges were allowed to give ratings of III, II, I, or STAR. Events earning STAR ratings qualified for the State Class B Music Festival to be held on Saturday, May 4, at BSC. Good luck to everyone at State.  Hazen results are below.

 II: Trumpet Quartet – Makaela Unterseher, Jayden Kaelberer, Jacob Driscoll, and London Sundsbak

 I:  Vocal solo – Lily Babb; Vocal solo – Bailey Froelich; Vocal solo – Genesis Paul; Vocal solo – Matalyn Stromme; Girls vocal duet – Genesis Paul and Kayla Weigum; Girls vocal duet – Matalyn Stromme and Bailey Froelich; Clarinet solo – Emmalia Frei; Bari Sax solo – Emma Wanzek; Flute duet – Grace Kilwein & Alyssa Holland; Clarinet quartet – John Retterath, Aimee Wiedrich, Grace Schrempf, Elizabeth Nolan; Saxophone trio – Megan McCarthy, Emma Wanzek, and Garrett Ward.

 STAR – State Qualifying: Vocal solo – Kayla Weigum, Vocal solo – Aimee Wiedrich, Girls vocal trio – Josie McLaughlin, Lily Babb, Aimee Wiedrich. Girls vocal ensemble – Josie McLaughlin, Aimee Wiedrich, Lily Babb, Kayla Weigum, Alicia Wiest, Bailey Froelich, Genesis Paul, Matalyn Stromme. Flute solo – Kaylee Lesmann. Clarinet solo – Grace Schrempf. Bass clarinet solo – Elizabeth Nolan. Tuba solo – Alyssa Holland. Snare drum solo – Garrett Lightsey. Flute quartet – Rachelle Klein, Alyssa Holland, Grace Kilwein, Kaylee Lesmann. Clarinet trio – Emmalia Frei, John Retterath, Grace Schrempf. Brass quartet – Makaela Unterseher, Jayden Kaelberer, Jonah Stroup, Trenton Zuther Mixed duet – Kaylee Lesmann and Delaney McCray. Trombone duet – Jonah Stroup and Trenton Zuther. Snare drum duet – Garrett LIghtsey & Lily Babb. Woodwind Ensemble – Rachelle Klein, Grace Kilwein, Kaylee Lesmann, Grace Schrempf, Emmalia Frei, Megan McCarthy, John Retterath, Josie McLaughlin, Emma Wanzek, Elizabeth Nolan, Garrett Ward. Mixed ensemble – Rachelle Klein, Makaela Unterseher, Delaney McCray, John Retterath, Megan McCarthy, Jonah Stroup, Garrett Ward, Alyssa Holland, Emma Wanzek, Elizabeth Nolan, McKenzie Anderson, Makena Heier.

 Special congratulations to the following three events for receiving Outstanding Performance awards: Bass clarinet solo – Elizabeth Nolan; Brass quartet – Makaela Unterseher, Jayden Kaelberer, Jonah Stroup, Trenton Zuther; Snare drum duet – Garrett LIghtsey & Lily Babb.

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